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Testimonials for Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Since Jan 1/14 we've noticed significant changes in our six year old daughter, Kali. She experiences less frustration with instructions and when given a task. She is able to work through areas where she struggles rather then quit or give up as she would have before.
Her teacher has noticed a great improvement with her reading and writing skills. Kali is now writing her letters and numbers without many reversals. She is able to work more independently and has developed better problem solving skills. Both her gymnastics coach as well as us have noted an increase in her attention span, improved motor and coordination skills.
- T. Wailing and G. Bolton ______________________________________________________________________________________ After the birth of my son i was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression (PPD) and struggled to the point where I went on antidepressants for anxiety and depression. Shortly after, I became pregnant again with my daughter and I went off my medication. Having PPD was something i had but I did not want it to control me. I was not wanting to fall into the same anxiety and depression that followed my first child. I researched PPD more thoroughly and found support groups, natural alternatives, and Susan at Birth Rhythms. I was attending Birth Rhythms for other programming and was introduced to Craniosacral therapy. I had never heard of this before and after some research on my own I thought I'd give it a try. I see Susan approximately every 6 weeks or as needed and have been doing so for over a year. I'm not sure what it is but I enter after having an increase of anxious episodes, unfocused mind and low energy. After spending time with Susan I feel relaxed and able to focus better. I can slow down and enjoy myself instead of being full of worry, anxiousness and stress. Susan has been a positive resource for me in my journey through PPD and would recommend her as a part of anyone's self care tool box.
- Jenessa - Saskatoon ______________________________________________________________________________________ I have had the delight of being treated by Susan since March of 2010. At that time, I was completely and utterly exhausted. I was unable to see my friends or really function properly at work. Susan's Craniosacral Therapy was a godsend. From the first treatment, I was able to sleep deeply and long, and began to recuperate my energies. We worked together for six sessions, one per week. Susan helped me recognize the source of all that exhaustion, be realistic about it, and in so doing, it started to go away. By the end of that treatment series, I was on my feet again. I love going to see Susan -- I come away feeling balanced, deeply calmed and restored.
- Roberta C., Haultain (Saskatoon) ______________________________________________________________________________________ child
I first discovered Susan about three years ago through her ad in the Wholelife Magazine when I was struggling with some anxiety. I was immediately drawn to her warmth, sincerity and professional manner. After only a couple of treatments my anxiety was much reduced. I have continued to maintain regular appointments as part of my self-care and feel nurtured, relaxed and rejuvenated following each.
- P. I. - Saskatoon ______________________________________________________________________________________ "I love my craniosacral treatments with Susan and look forward to them. I always leave with a sense of peacefulness and well-being. Since I started having BCST, my headaches have diminished and I don't feel so stressed out all the time. It helps to keep my nerves settled and I feel very balanced over all. Susan has a special gift and I would recommend everyone to give it a try and see for oneself how wonderful the treatments can be.”
— Catherine Mazurkewich, Cudworth SK ______________________________________________________________________________________ "My son, who is five, has been seeing Susan since July 2011. Encouraged by our family chiropractor to educate ourselves about craniosacral therapy, I went online and was amazed at what I learned. I contacted Susan and booked an appointment.

If I were simply give you words and short phrases to summarize the first five years of his life it would go something like this: • healthy, baby boy born, carried to full term, vaginal birth • nursed him until he was a year old • started walking at eight months • speech was limited, movement was way above normal (walking, running, climbing, etc.) • ear infections started before he was a year old and continued on and on until he was over four years old • had tubes put into his ears when he was three • did not sleep through the night until he over 4.5 years old • no known food allergies • went into a home daycare when he was a year old • transitioned to a full daycare facility when he was just about four

I am so thankful for the resources and professionals that we had access to when we enrolled at our current daycare. We were put into contact with Speech Pathologist and a Behavior Consultant. With these resources we have learned and grown so much. Our son’s speech has improved tremendously. We have learned that he has symptoms of Aspergers, ADHD and Autism. We also have learned that he has intense anxiety transitioning to new things and this results in heightened emotions and aggressive behaviour. Learning how to cope with these things and to maneuvre ‘the system’ has been challenging at times, but also VERY rewarding.

I had no expectations, only hope when we booked our appointment with Susan. I cannot describe to anyone the helpless, guilty feelings that come with knowing your child is struggling, knowing he is a good kid, with a good heart, but having to hear each day that he has hit other kids or caregivers and that he screams and yells and throws things. I can only tell you that with each new piece of information, with each new idea or concept, my husband and I have embraced it and done our best to try to find a solution for him (without medications).

Jump to July 2011 when our son saw Susan for the first time. Susan greeted us at the door, immediately engaged Lincoln in conversation and we moved into her office. She asked some questions and such and then asked if Lincoln would sit up on her table. He willingly hopped up on the table and laid down. There was no music, no candles, no smells, no clothing removal, just conversation and Susan placing her hands on his lower back and stomach, chest, face and head. I don’t think I blinked for the entire half hour. I watched intensely to see what was going to happen. I watched his face, I watched Susan’s face…..the room got incredibly calm….and I saw Lincoln sigh this incredible huge obvious sigh….he closed his eyes and he was asleep! It wasn’t for a long time, but it happened. He looked relaxed, he looked peaceful. My eyes filled with tears as it was a pretty amazing experience. The days that followed the appointment we watched his behaviour, we looked for any signs of ‘change’. We continued to see Susan once a week for six weeks in a row. During that time we saw a transformation from a kid who was constantly wired, moving, misbehaving, stressed out, always moving…to an almost five year old boy who could play on his own, who could curl up and sit with me on the couch and read a book, etc. Yes there were still days of heightened activity, stress and anxiety…but far less intense. Full on meltdowns disappeared, we could use different techniques to move beyond those tantrums.

Lincoln looks forward to seeing Susan. Sometimes he doesn’t sit still very easily for her, and he doesn’t always fall asleep or have those huge sighs, but he is always calmer, at peace when we leave. I wanted to share this with all parents, but specifically with parents of children who are struggling with anxiety, stress, ADHD, etc. You can find out so much about Craniosacral Therapy and its benefits if you just be open to new ideas and do some research for yourself.

We are so thankful so Susan and to her profession for all the work they do with children and adults – their work truly has made a difference in our lives.

Below is a quote I asked Lincoln’s daycare to write regarding their observation of him since he started his therapy sessions:

Lincoln has been receiving Craniosacral Therapy for several months now and as his childcare provider I have noticed a remarkable difference in Lincoln since it has began. Lincoln currently shows symptoms of anxiety and stress in regards to transitions/changes in his routines and aggressive behavior towards staff and children. Since his therapy has started he is much calmer and relaxed and can just be himself. On the weeks when he does not receive therapy we have noticed an marked increase in his aggressive behaviors and anxiety. I believe that Craniosacral Therapy is an extremely important part of helping Lincoln continue to develop into a healthy and happy child."
— Lindsey Lawton Director, Boys & Girls Clubs ELC
c/o John Lake School Rooms 9 & 10, 2606 Broadway Avenue Saskatoon, SK S7J 0Z6
(306) 665-0307

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or email me. Tel: 665.2403
Email: Lisa.low@shaw.ca
— Lisa Low ______________________________________________________________________________________ Physical health has always presented challenges in my life with stages of good health, as well as chronic illness. The medical system has yet to determine the cause, and after feeling frustrated and hopeless I turned to alternative therapies. After having little success with several other types of alternative medicine and therapies, someone mentioned craniosacral. I was extremely hesitant to begin CST as I was highly sensitive and would have reactions with the various types of treatments, to the point of a few practitioners being unsure of how to treat me. I looked up CST online and found Susan’s website. After consulting with Susan on the phone and explaining my circumstance I felt comfortable with trying cranial. While I had a few minor reactions, Susan helped me to work through them and never gave up. The difference with CST is that even though I reacted, I always felt better after my treatments. Susan’s patience, willingness to listen to what my body needs, and gentle touch, provided a space for healing. She also actively seeks to improve her own skills, and is up-to-date on new techniques and information. Without Susan’s treatments I know that I would not be as strong or have as much energy as I do today. Susan has a natural gift, along with a warm and nurturing personality. Each session with her is special and I always look forward to my next treatment. Even though I have moved from Saskatoon, I continue to drive a few hours to ensure I can provide my body with the most effective treatment and without worrying about sensitivities or reactions!
— Desiree, Regina ______________________________________________________________________________________ "I had been dealing with daily headaches for a few years, and after seeing my family physician, and a neurologist, who told me I had migraines and to "take this" (pill for the rest of my life), I wanted another option. I had only heard of craniosacral therapy once before, but thought it might be an option. I found Susan online, and gave her a call. The first time I went to see her, a few months ago, I had a very bad headache. I could barely speak and just wanted it to go away. After the hour long session, my headache had diminished almost completely. I could not believe it! I have been back once more, as per Susan's instruction, which was a week later, and since then I have been pretty much headache free! I plan to bring my 6-year old son to see Susan. He is a type 1 diabetic, who also complains of headaches and general aches and pains, and has a very strong temper. I am hoping this treatment can help my son to calm himself and to generally feel better. I would recommend that anyone try this therapy. It has made a major change in my health and I feel it could help anybody living with pain. I am very thankful I had the opportunity to meet Susan and become a healthier person because of it! Thanks Susan!"
— CL, Langham SK ______________________________________________________________________________________ "I have been seeing Susan for craniosacral treatments for the past five years. They relax me and I find that my osteoarthritis in my lower back and hip is much better after a treatment. My treatments with Susan allow me to continue to be active and feel healthier."
— Karin Heister, Cudworth SK ______________________________________________________________________________________ "Many years ago I was diagnosed with myalgic encephalomyelitis (m.e.) which is an autoimmune illness that falls under the umbrella of the Arthritis Society. I saw numerous specialists and dealt with a plethora of ailments. After exhausting what was available through the western medical model, I turned to complimentary health care. I credit many of these with getting me back on my feet, and reducing symptoms. Then, a few years ago, I developed difficulty swallowing. Some tests were done, but as often happens with M.E., there didn’t seem to be any cause for this. The condition got worse, and sometimes I also struggled to catch a deep breath. It was at about this time that I met Susan. Susan’s professional manner and gentle, caring approach allowed me to feel comfortable and confident with this type of treatment. It was a relief to realize that this worked! I could breath and swallow properly again.

Each treatment is unique, in that my body responds differently depending on how I am at any given time, but the end result is that I feel better and am better able to cope mentally, emotionally and physically with my day to day life. Regardless of what specific ailment I am dealing with, at the end of a treatment I feel relaxed and well cared for. I also like the fact that I can learn from each session. I know that if at home I practice some of the relaxation techniques that I use while Susan works with me, I can dramatically reduce my sinus problems, which is an unexpected bonus!

My treatments with Susan have enhanced my sense of overall well being, and is one of the most supportive therapies I have tried. I highly recommend Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with Susan."
— J.S., Saskatoon, SK